Who is "Coach"? 

While many competing coaches work hard to be called coach, Coach Winterton is called Coach! Even athletes coached against by Coach Winterton call him."Coach". Why? 
Coach Winterton has had a 50 plus year coaching and playing career and currently is the head instructor at the United States Elite Racquetball Camp, the largest racquetball camp in the world, in Denver, Colorado. He is the author of the book, Racquetball Fundamentals, and several video instructional productions. He was voted outstanding USOC Racquetball National Coach in 1995, 1999, and 2003. He was inducted into the Racquetball Hall of Fame in 2000.
The athletes he currently coaches are a “who’s who” in the racquetball world! Kane Waselenchuk, The winningest athlete in racquetball history is the headliner, but also coaches other pros such as Rhonda Rajsich (former World and pro champion) Erika and Adam Manilla, Thomas Carter. Lucia Gonzalez and Angelica Barrios are also coached by Jim. he also teaches introductory lessons to beginners at his home clubs. He certifies coaches and pros through the USA Racquetball Instructors Program. His international reach has been extensive also as Jim has done coaching in Ireland, Mexico, Korea, Canada and Costa Rica.
Rather than creating a dependent racquetball student, Coach W strives to help an athlete coach themselves. The reason for monthly coaching is simple. One or two lessons will not get the results that day in and day out work will! You will develop a complete game, and understand racquetball fundamentals, so you become your best coach!!
You would pay $110 plus for an hour lesson with Coach but you can have three per month for a little more than $200! You can also have video coaching only for $129. This is an unbelievable savings. For a short time only you can get a free lesson, plus over an hour of video instruction for only $69! 
You will be joining his pro and amateur players from all over the world who have one thing in common: They win! Because of his coaching experience he is able to tailor the program to fit weekend warriors to top pros. “No athlete is the same, so why design one training program for everyone?” And it is not all hard nosed work either. as fun, a sense of humor, and stories to illustrate the "why" of a drill is as important as the work itself!
Consider this fact: Most of the big name racquetball coaches out there have been coached or worked with Jim Winterton at one time or another in their careers. His athletes are almost always in the finals in their respective divisions, from novice to top pros in the world! Coach Winterton has had an impact on the modern game of racquetball, like no other coach out there, and you can hire him! Coach does not overcharge as he wants to reach as many players as possible. Why? He believes much of the instruction out there can be harmful to athletes who will develop over-use injuries of shoulders, arms, lower back, knees and elbows! Proper technique saves an athlete from many of these problems! 
Get started today and learn why "Good Enough is not Good Enough"!

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