Winning Ugly

Winning Ugly

Winning ugly 101-you are crashing and burning-everything is going wrong-your opponent cannot miss-every shot you take skips or is left up. What to do?

Here is what not to do. Keep playing and thinking things will change. Time outs are there for a reason!

Think-are you shooting from the back court? If the answer is yes, then use the fifth wall, the ceiling!

Get your opponent back.

Have you used all your serves? Have you tried a Z serve? Lob serve? Jam serve? Have you tried hitting serves at different speeds?

Next think about return of serve. Have you taken your full ten seconds to prepare for serve return or serve?

Do you need to slow the game down or do you need to "speed" the game up by not taking the ten seconds?

What about shot selection? Is your opponent headed to your shot before you even begin your forehand or backhand? If yes, then change your shot selection.

How to win? The answer my friends, is not blowing in the wind, the answer is probably above somewhere!!