Vary Timing For More Wins

Vary Timing For More Wins

Racquetball is a great sport. No matter who you are, the sport will humble you sooner or later. Time gets us all and despite all the training and practice, sooner or later the game begins to go south. There is a saying in the NBA that great players play above the rim early in ther career and below it later in their career. The same can be said with racquetball. Cleverness replaces power and athleticism but why wait until the physical skills decline? There is no rule you have to wait until you are older to be smart. Here are some cleverating suggestions.

1. Serve from different spots in the service zone. Do not hit the same serve at the same speed over and over.

2. Vary your return of serve. Hit offensive, defensive varying returns to keep your opponent off balance.

3. Develop deception. Make it look like you are going right and go left! And vice versa!

4. Vary your timing. Throw in quick serves and slow serves. Keep your opponent guessing!

5. Why not throw in off speed shots during a rally also? Anything to mess with an opponent's timing will produce some winning rallies!

6. Have fun-it's a game!!