The Elevator Pitch

The Elevator Pitch

The Elevator Pitch

Going up! The Elevator pitch is something I stumbled across in the sales guru lectures that are all over the internet. The premise is that you get on the elevator on ground floor, going up to the 8th floor and across from you is the most important person in your business field. You have 8 floors to pitch them your product. How would you sell yourself to them? What would you say about your strengths and why they should hire you?

I looked at that and thought about my coaching. I then thought about all of this in another way.

That pitch idea sounds like I need them. If I am really good at what I do, they need me.

How does this apply to racquetball?

If we are making a team of racquetball players who gets picked first? Say we are having a tournament that your life depends upon, who is the first player picked? That is your number one player!

Who is the first coach? The coach you see in most finals coaching or know is coaching long distance or the coach who has had more champions than anyone else in the sport of racquetball! The undefeated adult team USA Coach for 12 years and undefeated USA junior team coach two years-that would be your coach! That is your number one coach.

The team or the important person (or you) in your field should need me, not the other way around.

Oh, and here we are on the 8th floor and you, my friends, have just received my elevator pitch!