Scouting 101

Scouting 101

Scouting 101-scouting the champs is my job and it is fun to watch carefully the little things that will make the difference between winning and losing. Things I watch for:

1. Mental approach-how tough are they? Many champions are a house of cards-they appear impressive but take away one card and they are as tough as a box of wet kleenex!

2. Mechanical issues-okay they are the champs-but they have to have a weakness-don't they? I look for tell-tale issues talked about here on this forum many many times-such as: stepping to the side wall, swinging vertically instead of horizontally, and poor positioning.

3. The game plan-they are the champs for a reason. Any game plan has to be a living breathing entity that changes as the match goes on. Champs adjust so challengers have to also! In other words-champs have a plan B, C and D at the ready!

4. Champs do the little subtle things nobody notices. Example: warn the ref about foot faults off to the side before the match if the champ knows the opponent often foot faults.

5. Where is the "weak zone"? Where is the area of the court they are most vulnerable?

These are but a few of the things to look for when scouting an opponent. This game plan thing I hear all the time sounds good, but to me a game plan is a general concept that needs to be adjusted as the match goes on when you play a good player. They are champs because they adjust so you had better do the same if you want to win!