Racquetball Brands

Racquetball Brands

Have you ever thought about your brand?

Me either until after I had played for maybe 25 years of tournaments. Then I was named Head Coach of the USA team. When I lost in a tie breaker in the finals of the regionals and chucked my racquet to the front wall and shattered it, I turned around and saw the State President(who I knew would probably fire off communication to the top about what he just saw) and about three junior players.

The State President did not bother me, but the junior players did. They would act the way I did and I could not change what I had just done. But I did vow never to do it again, and to apologize. Unknowingly at the time I had just presented my brand. I had to think about what I wanted to present to the public.

As a player it was simple. I wanted everyone to see a competitor that never quit on the court and wanted to win. As a Coach it is someone with ethics, and works hard for the athletes they coach. A coaching philosophy of caring about the person first, and their racquetball second, has produced a ton of champions in the last 45 years (my first two national champions were 45 years ago).

What is your brand? Your behavior on the court affects your brand and how everyone perceives you. Try to make that brand professional. What will people seeing you play for the first time see? A competitor or as in my one match above, a big whiner? I know we compete and it cannot always be perfect and we cannot be worrying about what others think as we play (or coach). But we can clean up our Brand!