Out and Around, not Up and Down!

I spent over 20 hours recently on the court with top pros rehearsing footwork, mechanics and mental approach to racquetball. These sessions are fun but exhausting for me.

At the pro level you have to really be aware of how the players execute as well as what shot they take. For example it is possible to do something completely wrong and win the rally, game, and even tournament.

What do I mean by "wrong"? Well as I have stated before most folks who come to me have a messed up forehand and do not know it. That is because they do not hit at full extension but rather hit down on the ball. That can give results but does give golfer's elbow, tendonitis of the inner elbow. Now, can hitting down on the ball be effective? Yes, it can but I like limiting it to certain circumstances. For example, if you hit down on the ball and the ball is closer to you, it will travel an outward path toward the side wall. If you do this on a serve it could result in a slice serve. This is a great serve, especially in the age division ranks as athletes' speed slows. But during a rally an attempted down the line pass will hit the side wall and could result in lost points. The rule is to hit out so you will have a longer career and more injury free first and foremost. You will also be a better player, but that is secondary!