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Mixed doubles observations. I have the luxury of coaching some very talented up and coming ladies. So I begin popping in the videos they send me of their mixed doubles matches, indoors and outdoors. I have to post my thoughts as a public service announcement.

To the women and juniors and girls-

1. Say something to your partner--maybe "get the #$%^ off my side of the court and let me play! Or maybe a nicer, "You know Slugger, I could have got that shot, please let me take it".

2. Try to explain things like, "I was already back there, you did not have to come all the way from the left side to the right middle and run over me"

3. Maybe better yet, yell loudly, "Mine!" or "Yours"!

To the men

1. You are playing mixed doubles. The fact that that one person on the other team you are in a test of wills with is sort of an arrogant hindering beast is irrelevant. Deal with it, give the Neanderthal his day, and just allow your partner to play!

2. See number 2 and 3 above with calls and territorial agreements.

3. Try to understand when you vacate your territory and push your partner to the wall you create a defensive weakness. Not only that but your partner has no idea where you will be and secondly you are saying to your partner "I do not have confidence in you."

Finally, boys and girls, back in the day we always played singles for an hour and a half and then switched to doubles. One guy would take the worst player and then beat the rest of us. I watched him closely and learned he would get a player to raise their game two levels by his encouragement. He let the player play. That is when I learned to play better doubles and if you do that, you can play better doubles too!