Junior or Adult-These Rules Work!

Junior or Adult-These Rules Work!

Every year in early June I am deluged with emails and videos from my Juniors getting ready for nationals. I give them these things to do and although it is for Junior Nationals; it applies to big kids of all ages!

1. Get plenty of sleep and listen to your parents!

2. Avoid greasy foods and sugar!

3. Stick with your practice schedule

4. Up the cardio part of your training

5. Work on the skills part of your training.

6. Up the intensity of workouts at least 3 to 4 times per week-other days work on skills.

7. Focus on fun! It is a game and enjoy it!

8. It is the nationals and not all matches will go smoothly so prepare mentally for bad calls, poor conditions, on court trash talking, and other things that you must block out.

Oh and did I say have fun?? It is a game!