How to Coach A Millennial

How to Coach A Millennial

So I see a podcast a friend sent me titled "Coaching Millennials". Before I listened to it I had to tell my well-meaning friend. This is a huge issue for me. He looked at me sort of funny and I explained. This implies I have to change how I communicate to reach the new generation of players. I look at it this way. What about the book for the millennials. "How to be coached by a Baby Boomer?" Where is that book?

Oh, there is no book? Here are my few paragraphs to the younger generation.

First-I should say I find the younger kids tough as a group if the bar (of excellence) is raised. I say if because often the bar is not raised for many different reasons.

When someone is told they are a great player all the time, that makes them feel warm and fuzzy. Then here comes me; I tell them they have to improve. I also try to tell my athletes what they are good at but everyone seems to hear the "improvement" issues louder than the positive things about their games.

I put my players under stress in practice. Why? Simple-I want them to improve and to improve they must thrive in an environment of stress in competition. To simulate that I "stress" them at times.

Now, something else anyone who takes a lesson from me should know. If you are told you have to improve at something the reason is not to punish you, it is to get your game to a higher level. To get to a higher level you must leave your comfort zone.

Awhile ago a player told me they had a perfect backhand and forehand. I told them to remember, I do read video for the greatest player to ever play the game and find things for him to work on! Everybody can improve!

I like the Tom Brady, the QB for Tampa Bay, quote: "Talent plus technique beats talent!"

So athletes I coach. I am not the enemy. Look at me like that insurance commercial!

Win-te-rton is on your side!