Give Thanks Today, Do the Dishes Tomorrow!

Give Thanks Today, Do the Dishes Tomorrow!

Thanksgiving day in the USA is a time for the three F's; football, family and friends. What are we thankful for? I will never forget a memorable Thanksgiving at my sister's house in North Carolina.

She had like 25 people seated around a huge table and we all had to be thankful for something so by the 23rd person it was hard to find something unique to be thankful for so most people were repeating the things like family I love, and a beautiful spouse, etc. We get to our Dad who was at the end of the pecking order and suffering from Alzheimers in his advanced age.

"Dad, what do you have to be thankful for today?"

Everyone holds their breath thinking we have no idea what comes next and....

Dad replies, "I'm thankful I don't have to do these dishes!"

Awesome response!

This ole ball coach is wishing all of you out there in racquetball land a great Thanksgiving and hoping you escape doing the dishes today!

Enjoy friends, family, football, and be thankful for our great sport of racquetball!

Be back tomorrow with another great racquetball tip of the day!