Doubles Strategy 101

Doubles Strategy 101

Today's Tip of the comes from an email asking me if switching sides in doubles has any advantages. The reader is referring to the practice of "double serving" one side of the opponent's doubles team. My answer is yes, in some cases there is a distinct advantage to the double serve tactic. Case in point:

1. The team has one weaker player.

2. Both players on the serving team feel comfortable playing either side of the court.

3. There is one serve the double served player cannot handle.

Bear in mind though the stronger of the two opponents will probably sneak over as much as possible to receive serve.

One thing I always wondered is why don't players play both sides? This allows players to work on their weak side and to become more proficient and to be able to play both sides of the courts in emergency cases.

Forget strategy for a moment. Think injury! With an injured of fatigued partner one may be called upon to serve or play both sides of the court.

Here is another way of looking at it. In practice why not play the side of the court you hate? This would allow you to improve your weaker side and make you a stronger player.

Of course it will also make you a better doubles player!!