Brain Drama! Don't Listen to the Bad Teammate!

Brain Drama! Don't Listen to the Bad Teammate!

Where do I get these ideas? Mostly from folks I am teaching or folks who write in to me. Here is one I am getting quite a bit.

Dear Coach W,

This happens to me all the time. I get out to a good lead but lose the lead. I have a hard time keeping the momentum going. My opponent makes a shot or two, I make a mistake, they hit a lucky shot off the frame and next thing you know, my game is heading south instead of north!

Help me Coach!

SignedCrashing in Cleveland

Dear CIC,

Maybe you are focusing on the wrong thing. You are out to a lead. Way to go! You are winning. Then you lose a few points. My bet is your mind is saying things like "Here we go again!" or "I can't believe this is happening again"

Ever have a bad teammate who was negative? Your teammate is your brain saying those things. Don't listen to that brain teammate! Here is a good teammate talking-let them in your locker room of your brain!"

That's okay. All you need to do is get the serve back. Get them behind me. Do not keep shooting from the back unless it is a setup. Let the game come to me, do not force it.

"Now that's a good teammate and someone you should listen to.

Good luck and wishing you many kill-shots in Cleveland!

Onward and upward,

Coach W