5 Practice Mistakes to Avoid

5 Practice Mistakes to Avoid

Learn your craft! I am in the process of conferencing with many of my athletes. When I see tournament performances that are off the charts compared with a few weeks ago I am certain that:

1. The athlete has been on the court practicing the skills they need to be consistent.

2. The athlete has been employing movement skills that utilize mechanics as well as footwork.

3. The athlete has been practicing deception and serving.

4. The athlete has probably not been playing more than once or twice per week.

5. Said athlete has been over-training.

Racquetball is not a perfect science so 1-5 may not have happened but when I ask said athlete about what has been happening in practice lately, items 1-5 usually come up!

When I see tournament performances that do not make sense or inconsistencies, usually the above skills have not been practiced.

Moral of the story? Get on the court and practice your skills. The more you practice the better you will execute.